Purpose: OLB-01 battery cart widely used in business workshop, industrial warehouses, the postal hub, station pier, shopping malls and other places of the logistics of short-haul transport.

Features: Modern design of the cart, drive axle gear and gear down as the whole structure, compact configuration. Microcomputer control of some selected governor Chopper, advanced and reliable performance, easy to operate, flexible and light shifting, driving comfort, easy maintenance, no pollution, no noise and so on. The product is the new generation of environmentally friendly.

Technical parameters

Seat 2

Rated load 1000kg

Total quality of cart 1200kg

Min turning radius 4300mm

Grade ability 4

Max speed 13km/h

Wheelbase 1760mm

Length between types 1200mm

Outside measure size (L
×W×H) 3500X1500×1300mm

Load plate size
L×W ) 2300×1500mm

Loading plate height 700mm

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