Bian Stone Therapy Clinical Studies

Bianstone Therapy has also been used in Traditional medicine, and used effectively in the treatment of Constipation, Primary Dysmenorrhea and Anemia.
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Bianstone Therapy Clinical Application

Bian Stone Therapy Clinical Studies
"Bianstone is very efficient for almost all kinds of mascular pain in the body. Simply rub the stone on  the pain......"

constipation treatment by bianstone therapy
Clinical Case: Constipation

Source: Journal of Practical Traditional Chinese Internal Medicine, 2008, No. 1, Vol. 22

Authors: Tong Bo3

Bianstone Tool Used: Bianstone slab

Procedures: Do warming method, kneading method, pushing method, stroking method (upon meridians chosen) according to different types of constipations.

Results: Effect rate: 100%

Discussion: Bianstone therapy is also a therapeutic method that observes the concept of treatment based on syndrome differentiation, i.e. helping with the excretion of those who suffer from indigestion, and nourishing the bodies of those who are of weak constitution.

 Primary Dysmenorrhea treatment by bianstone
Clinical Case: Primary Dysmenorrhea

Source: Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion, June, 2004, No. 6, Vol. 24

Authors: Wei Mochou16

Bianstone Tool Used: Bianstone Awl

Procedures: For different types of dysmenorrhea, methods of warming, brushing, stinging and twisting are applied to Guan Yuan, Uterus and other acupuncture points.

Results: 85.7% effective. Patients with dysmenorrhea show different degrees of mitigation and reduce the dose of painkiller.

Discussion: Bianstone therapy significantly reduces the patients' suffering, strengthening their determination of overcoming dysmenorrhea without using drugs.

Anemia treatment by bianstone therapy
Anemia bianstone therapy
Clinical Case: Anemia

Source: Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion, April, 2004, No. 4, Vol. 24

Authors: Zhang Maowen et al10

Bianstone Tool Used: Bianstone needles

Procedures: Pierce the Bianstone into the subcutaneous, pull it out immediately, and squeeze out the thick pathological substances, pus, for example. And this treatment is always supplemented with Chinese herbal medicine.

Results: 213 patients cured. An effect rate of 97%

Discussion: 1. The Bianstone acupuncture treatment of anemia is a traditional practice in ancient China. As is recorded, "swelling with pus in it, then use proper-size Bianstone needles to break the blain and extrude the pus."
2. Bianstone therapy can help to restore tissue fluid back to its normal flow, and enhance the circulation of body fluid through micro-circulation, and stimulate the recovery of the body’s hematopoietic function.
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