Bianstone Therapy Sixteen Method

There are sixteen methods and ways to administer Bianstone Therapy. Different Shapes is specially made to facilitate stimulation of our body's acupressure point. Learn more about how to use Bianstone Therapy here.
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Bianstone Therapy Sixteen Methods

 bian stone pull method

 bianstone pull method
(12) The Pull / Retrieving Method

In the press method and prick method, when the pressure and prick reach the max, the Bianstone Therapist suddenly reversely evacuates the Bianstone from the human body. It called the Pull method. The key to operate the pull method is to press slowly and pull quickly or prick slowly and pull suddenly. In the stage of slow pressing or pricking, the pressure will increase and the blood will move to the peripheral and deep areas. The quick pulling reduces the pressure of the original compression zone and the peripheral areas, to which the blood then quickly move back, making Qi and the blood of the original compression zone, the peripheral area and the deep area in an extremely active state. This approach is conducive to smooth blood and expel body's heat-toxin.
The Cupping therapy is a medical approach developed on the basis of ancient pulling method The Bianstone cupping, also known as fire Bianstone, can be used in the pulling method of Bianstone therapeutics and have the same usage as the cupping therapy. Its advantage over ordinary cupping lies in that it is made of Sibin pumice and in the process of implementation, there is the function of sense method in addition to the pull method and the warm method, which can make up the shortcomings of the ordinary cupping therapy: excessive purging but insufficient tonifying. The Cupping therapy is very popular among the folk after the loss of ancient Bianstone therapeutics.

Bianstone warm method
The most suitable season for the warm method is winter or the cold times, such as early spring and late fall .The Bianstone tool's energy of far-infrared radiation is increased after heating. Sibin pumice has the capability to turn heat energy (including heat-toxin) into far infrared radiation that is useful for the human body. It explains the mechanism of the warm method.
(13) The Warm method

It uses warm Bianstone to treat disease. The practice is as follows:

To put a big Bianstone tool, such as a Bianstone block, a Bianstone anvil or a Bianstone ball, etc. on the affected region after heating in the hot water or in the sun. If the temperature of the Bianstone tool is too high, warming method can be done by putting a layer of towel between the body and the Bianstone. The Bianstone can be put on the human body or it can be sit on or laid on, covered with a blanket or placed on a rubber hot-water bag to preserve heat for a long time.

To stroke along the collateral channels with apex or prick on the acupoints after heating the Cone Bianstone. This will get rid of the cold invading meridian and the entrails. Acumoxatherapy of the Chinese medicine is developed on the basis of the warm method.

To use the electric acupuncture. Various electrically heated methods are very convenient to warm the Bianstone, which can always keep warm for a long time.

(14) The Cool method

It treats diseases with cold Bianstones. The approach is as follows.

To immerse the Bianstone tool, such as the Bianstone block , the Bianstone anvil, into the cold water, wipe it after taking out, and apply it on the affected region. The cool Bianstone block can also be sit on.

To immerse the small Bianstone tool, like the Bianstone board, the Bianstone cone and the Bianstone roller into the cold water. The cool method can be applied to cosmetic surgery, helpful for eliminating facial wrinkles and subcutaneous fat.

 Bianstone cool method
The cool method is to eliminate the heat-toxin in the body. The Bianstone should be placed on the head of the patient with fever to cool down his temperature .The practice is similar to the application of ice packs in Western medicine. However, there are similarities and differences between the two. After being put on the patient's head, the Bianstone not only absorbs his heat-toxin, warms itself ,but also radiates infrared to the patient as a heat blackbody for therapy. The Bianstone is able to turn the harm into a benefit.

Application of cool method should be careful. Over-cooling will make patients catch cold. The elderly and the weak should use cool method with necessary caution against excessive use of cooling.
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