Why Bianstone Therapy

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"Bianstone can promote health. Ultrasound and infrared electromagnetic waves can improve body circulations, reduce pain and inflammation. In the eastern naturopathy perspective, Bianstone can even regulate the Qi and opening up the energy channels and collaterals, dispelling rheumatism, clearing away from the heat and thus tranquilizing the mind.

Bianstone is the gift from the Nature and it is an alternative to the sole use of medication for the treatment of illness and diseases as a green medicine."
Bianstone therapy in olden times

Why Bianstone Therapy

Why Bian stone ?

Over thousands of years, Chinese people have used a special kind of stone to treat diseases, by applying them to specific body parts. These small stones, for therapeutic purposes, is called Bianshi (Bian Stone). They are generally used as an instrument similar to acupuncture needles.

"Bian stone is really a unique tool to treat back & neck pain of white collar workers" said Dr. Xie from the Acupuncture Department of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital. Bian Stone therapy used to be an original form of acupuncture, which utilize "Bian Stone" to perform treatment, instead of using needles. These stones are made of precious materials found in the coast of Shan Dong, China.

How can a stone help alleviate pain? Bian Stone can generate infra-red effect and ultrasound pulsation (3698 times per rubbing on human skin), and thus has been applied in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Hospital for various soft tissue injuries, especially, cervical spondylosis, acute or chronic lower back pain, as well as skin disorders. As far as traditional chinese medicine is concerned, any disease can be caused by the imbalance of human body. Bian Stone therapy is effective in regulating Qi, blood, Yin and Yang; opening collateral channels; dispelling rheumatism and clearing away heat and thus tranquilizing the mind.

Bian Stone therapy is usually started with a warming up TCM massage to open up the meridian of body, followed by a series of Bian Stone treatment with pre-heated bian stone. Bian Stone therapy can be applied with other traditional Chinese Medicine therapy, such as Acupuncture, or Cupping to achieve the optimal effect on cervical vertebra disease. At the beginning, apply the Bian Stone therapy once a day. After alleviating the pain, apply 2-3 times a week or even 1-2 times a week. The stone therapy does help treat back & neck pain to improve life quality.

Dr. Xie pointed out that back & neck pain is the external manifestation of internal imbalances. According to the TCM theory, Bian Stone therapy aims at treating the root cause and thus achieving both internal and external balance. It is good for the overall body health, not only treating the back & neck pain.

Other than back and neck, Bian Stone therapy is also beneficial for relieving muscular aches and stiffness, detoxifying and stimulating circulation of blood and lymph, correcting digestive disorders and inducing a deep feeling of relaxation. In short, Bian Sone therapy is a totally safe, non-invasive therapy, which can improve our circulation effectively and therefore, accelerate healing and rehabilitation.

In a nutshell , why do you want to choose bian stone to restore your health :

1 : Bian stone has a history of thousands  of years. It is one of the four pillars of  TCM treatment. It is the predecessor of acupuncture and cupping.

2 :It is a special stone that has special magnetic field and ultrasonic pulses that can purify and cleanse your blood vessels , correspond and enhance the functions of the pineal gland and activate your dormant immunity cells in the back . It can cure any vascular disease and immunity-deficiency-induced symptoms.

3 : It is easy to administer. You can be your own doctor. Just scrape or prick or knead ( we have sixteen way of applying which we will illustrate not only in words but also in videos ) the part of your body that ails.

4 : It is free of bad side effects and no medicine is involved in the treatment . Allow you to enjoy the most green and wholesome treatment in the world.

5 : Cost-effective and green. Just get some healing bianstone and you can say good riddance to your own disease that ails you chronically and also be popular with your family and your friends ever since.

6 : Bian stone massaging or treatment just feels wonderful, like the best massage you would get anywhere in the world.

The Benefit of Bian Stone Therapy Video
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