Formation of Bian Stone

How Bianstone Works
The Nature of Bianstone and Its Therapeutic Mechanism Bianstone is a kind of stone with a Therapeutic function. To understand why this kind of rare stone is capable of curing diseases, it is necessary that we investigate its structure and its therapeutic mechanism from a scientific point of view.
Chemical Structure
Bianstone, which is a family member of carbonate stone, (i.e. limestone), is characterized by an exquisite texture, closely arranged spars and a low level of impurities. more... Bianstone is a family member of carbonate stone, (i.e. limestone), which consists of 95% of dense crystalline calcite with a diameter of 0.03μm (i.e. CaCO3), a small amount of pyrite (with a diameter of less than 0.03μm) and clay. 5,6,11 Owing to the presence of a tiny amount of pyrite, the original stone section of Bianstone generally displays a color of dark gray and slight yellow while polished Bianstone appears dark. Bianstone is characterized by an exquisite texture, closely arranged spars and a low level of impurities.
Stone Vein and Texture
stone veins are formed when the meteorite crashes into the ground, flinging debris into the air, it has become an important criterion in authenticity test and formation analysis. more... Stone vein, also called stone root, is formed in the scissors-shaped micro-faults of different geological periods, assuming a conjugation or an echelon shape. Apart from the scissors-shape micro-faults, there is also a group of one-off micro-fault. And some Bianstone products possess veins caused by fault. Since stone veins are formed when the meteorite crashes into the ground, flinging debris into the air, it has become an important criterion in authenticity test and formation analysis.
Radioactivity Test
The test results of Nuclear Research Center of Geological Analysis reveal that the internal exposure index within the radioactive specific activity of Bianstone is 0.043 and to the external exposure index is 0.044, far below the national safety standard. And the radioactivity of Bianstone is even much lower than that of the average stone building materials and ceramic tableware. A word of caution: Do not buy unknown bianstone or fake bianstones which are very cheap as they may contain high radioactive content which has an adverse effect on your health.
Measure of the Amount of Trace Elements (μg/g)
Trace elements analysis shows that there are more than thirty trace & rare elements such as strontium (Sr)thallium (Ti)vanadium (V)nickel (Ni)manganese (Mn) and zinc (Zn) elements which are beneficial and necessary for human beings.
bianstone products

The Formation of Bianstone

Formation of Sibin Bianstone
According to a discovery made by the Chinese geologist, Lou Huajun & Professor Geng, certain ancient geological strata boast a high content of the chemical element iridium, which dates back to the later period of the Cretaceous 65 million years ago. Since iridium does not exist on the earth’s surface, it can be inferred that a meteorite had hit the earth in Western Shandong at that time. And Professor Lou believes that it is in this extremely special environment that Bianstone came into existence.
Bianstone formation

Occasional White Veins Found in Bian Stone

Note: Table lists out the amount of trace elements in Bianstone.
(*) Not Detected (Shown as grey in below table)

Composition of Sibin Bianstone
There are more than forty kinds of  trace elements and minerals, and more than twenty kinds of anti-aging elements, such as Sr, Ti, Cr, Mn, Zn, Ca, Fe, P, K, and Na detected in Sibin Bian stone.

Detection of Hazardous Substances
The amount of five hazardous substances (Pb, Cd, Cr, Hg & As) in Bianstone is very much lower than the limit in the national safety standard and is suitable to use widely as raw materials in tools and accessories. Bianstone is very safe to use and administer, and can be used to activate water to smaller cluster beneficial for health.
Low Radioactivity of Sibin Bianstone is even 2% lower than the International Safety Standard so It is very safe to Use

Analysis indicated that the radioactivity contained in a Healing stone - Bian stone is 2% lower than the safety standards, in other words, its radioactive substances are far less than those contained in the building stone materials and porcelain-made dining utensils, making it very safe for therapeutic use.
The tools have been individually hand shaped and polished for different purposes; no harsh tumbling has been used, in order to maintain the quality of these stones.
When purchasing Bianstones, make sure you buy 100% Original Sibin Bianstone as there are many fake bianstones in the market which are not safe to use due to high radioactive content.  High radioactive content can cause a reduction in white blood cells which lowers the body's defences against diseases.

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