Bianstone Earplug

"Stimulating the ear acupressure points with Sibin Bianstone ear plugs is as good or even better than acupuncture..."  People with ear fluid imbalance leading may also improve their condition using bianstone earplug to maintain balance

 bianstone earplug

Bianstone Ear plug Application

inserting bianstone earplug into ears
bianstone earplug showcase
bianstone earplug set
Remote Sensing of Infrared from the Sibin Bianstone is part of the 16 methods of Bianstone Therapy.

Bianstone earplugs can be used as an earplug inserted in the ear for remote infrared sensing to achieve optimum health. Also, it can be used to stimulate the ears major acupressure points for wellness as well as to get rid of certain illness or pain. Customers with ear fluid imbalance also said to benefit from wearing the ear plugs. Please consult a TCM doctor if you are not sure.

Ear Reflex Health Care Diagram

 ear acupressure points

 ear acupressure points
Ear Reflexes

Each ear contains a complete reflex map of the body as shown in the chart. You may press the ear with the head bianstone plug. Treat the indicated organ points or wherever there is a tender spot; press for a minute or more each day or whenever convenient. In addition, it will be very stimulating to the whole body to stimulate the ears with bianstone earplug or any bianstone that is comfortable enough.
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