Bianstone Walnut Shape Hand Massage Ball

"Bianstone Walnut Shape Hand Massage Ball of dimension of about 5cm X 3.5 cm comes in a pair of 2 pcs which helps to improve your finger coordination, brain function as well as your liver as our hand has a "whole" meridian points meeting"

This is silky smooth with the walnut texture to stimulate your hand acupressure point, you will love to touch!! Simply grab the 2 pcs on your hand and roll with your hand to massage your hand. It is advisable to do this exercise on your bed as otherwise if drop on the floor, it may crack.

Bianstone Walnut Shape Hand Massage Ball Application

bianstone walnut shape massage ball
Bianstone Walnut Shape Hand Massage Ball
Bianstone Walnut Shape Hand Massage Ball can be used as high-quality fitness balls, which are always shuffled in the hand by the holders. Apart from stimulating half of the human body's six meridians, Bianstone ball can also help to develop the flexibility and coordination of fingers, helping to improve fitness.

The importance of our hands can never be over-emphasized. And the hands are also the web of meridan points that correspond to the vital organs of your body. This means that many important energy (in China we call it the Qi while in India they call it "prana") channels meet here. The hand is the converging venue for all these important Qi channels. So you can understand why you can see lots of old man rolling two balls in their hands when you tour in China.

Recent Studies shows that stimulating the hands with two balls also help to improve our liver function.

Using balls made from Sibin stones will help to improve this function due to its unique properties.

Remarks: When playing with the Bianstone Balls, please roll it on your bed as Original bianstone are very fragile.
Scientific Research shows that  sibin bianstone has the power to remove excess toxins from our body....
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